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Carter M

About me

Passionate computer geek. Volunteer editor on Wikimedia Foundation projects. Lifelong music fan. Pianist. Reader. Photographer. Ambivert. Professional food eater. Thinker. Typical internetaholic.

My work

I am a wiki-loving student that edits Wikimedia Foundation project as well as wikiHow. You can find me and my work around the web under my real name, Skyllful, Skyllfully, and Hinge.

Disclaimer: This is a Global Wikimedia user page, if you are viewing this page not from a Wikimedia Foundation project, you may be viewing this from a mirror site. The original site URI is https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:Skyllfully.

Contact me

At any of the below talk pages:

Or you can use the email form at the English Wikipedia (w:en:Special:EmailUser/Skyllfully). Be sure to leave {{ygm}} on my English Wikipedia talk page (w:en:User talk:Skyllfully).

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