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    I speak english, french and of course meta (and a bit of dutch, and a microbit of several other languages).

    To contact me, please leave your message in one of the above languages on my talk page (or page de discussion) on the main Wikipedia, rather than here. Unless you're ready to wait for a long time.

    For urgent messages, there's always the "E-mail this user" link in the left margin. Even there, don't expect me to read your message before a few days.

    Logo contest

    International logo contest

    My votes so far (mainly for myself to remember ;-) (the numerotation is by chronological order of voting and otherwise quite arbitrary):

    1. #4 puzzle-planète
    2. #8 spirale "fibo" avec images
    3. #17 fourmiS sur graphe-sphère
    4. #28 [[fleur]]
    5. #65 hydre (this probably won't be chosen, but it's beautiful and I love the concept)
    6. #98 les deux mains, espace vert (probablement sans espoir mais digne d'encouragement !)
    7. #95 "croissance expo" +humaine
    8. #97 (abstract) fleur stylisée (too unspecific ?)

    Potential future votes, first category:

    • #3 book and ant
    • #131 oeil avec pseudo-terre
    • #134 spectre astro (trop scientifique ?)
    • #121 "W" avec des crayons
    • #35? Miwiki

    Potential future votes, second category (i.e. I probably won't vote for them):

    • #43 pomme-terre croquée
    • #51 terre + orbite lune continue
    • #53 abeille-hexagones W.(A.)I.K.I.P.E.D.I.A.
    • #79 etoile 5 branches (pas NPOV ?)