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About me

Hi there! I am A09, a Wikimedia user from Slovenia. You are probably wondering how you found me here. I was likely dealing with some vandalism or spam on your Wikiproject, just helping out. I started editing Wikipedia back in 2020, and four years of experience have given me a lot of expertise in handling various long-term abusers. I am an administrator and checkuser on Slovenian Wikipedia, a rollbacker on English Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons, and I also possess global rollbacker rights. I am also a global renamer. My CentralAuth card is available here.

My mother tongue is Slovene; however, I also speak intermediate English (en-3), basic German (de-1), and basic Latin (la-1). I understand basic Croatian, some Italian, and some other languages. You may also contact me via email; however, this is reserved for private requests and is available only to registered users.