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Sorry for speaking english, but I don't know French. Just a suggestion. Wouldn't it be nice to have a small (very small) edit button on each quote so that you can edit every quotation indivitually? [[Kaamelott]] is a long article, it has a few [edit] buttons, but I'd say not nearly enough. Especially because of the use of a template as this one makes it very hard for newcomers to find the quote they wanted to edit. And we shouldn't bit the newcomers with long list of templates. The problem is, I've never found a way to include a heading in a template with the desired outcome :( Any thoughts? Feel free to continue the discussion in French. I'll come back and hopefully see the results in the template. --[[Utilisateur:|]] 21 septembre 2007 à 04:37 (CEST)
:A bug has been opened about this [[bugzilla:11415]]. Vote and discuss. --[[Utilisateur:|]] 21 septembre 2007 à 08:47 (CEST)
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