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« Discussion modèle:Citation » : différence entre les versions

This template adds explicit paragraph wrappers around the citation like this: <code><nowiki><p><span class="citation">{{{1|{{{citation}}}}}}</span></p></nowiki></code>. However, if the citation generates a div or other block tag, the p-wrapper will get broken up and the citation class won't apply to the content (once Tidy is replaced by end-June). Since you want the span to not get merged with surrounding content, a better solution would be to replace the p and span tags with a div as follows: <code><nowiki><div class="citation">{{{1|{{{citation}}}}}}</div></nowiki></code> which works no matter what content the citation generates. [[Utilisateur:SSastry (WMF)|SSastry (WMF)]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:SSastry (WMF)|discussion]]) 16 avril 2018 à 02:43 (CEST)
:{{Fait}} [[Utilisateur:Lykos|Lykos]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Lykos|discussion]]) 16 avril 2018 à 13:28 (CEST)