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Hello. I do not (yet) speak french, however I like to keep quotations in the original language. I tried to find here one of the many quotes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, that can be found on the polish page. I am surprized with how little content french page has! Why is that so? Is Napoleon not perceived as one of the most important figures in the history of both France, Europe and perhaps the whole World? Surely You could do better! Anyways, If anyone has got the original quotation of him, that says about that: "The greates victory against a woman is to run from her", I would be grateful for adding it to this page, since it's the one I was looking for. [[Spécial:Contributions/|]] 20 janvier 2013 à 13:05 (CET)
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"Sans café, la politique sent car elle perd son essence". Maybe it's a citation by Napoléon Bonaparte, but I can't find the confirmation. --[[Utilisateur:Jarash|Jarash]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Jarash|discussion]]) 5 octobre 2013 à 13:19 (CEST)


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